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Castle facts

Castles of Britain: Castle Learning Center
What is a castle? When were they built? How are they built and everything else.

Motte and Bailey Castles

Quizlet: Motte and Bailey Castles
The advantages and disadvantages of a Motte and Bailey Castle.

History Learning Site: Castles
Why the Normans built castles and about Motte and Bailey Castles.

Medieval Castles

DK Find Out: Castles
View what makes up a castle.

DK Medieval Life: Castles
See what life was like in castles and life in medieval times.

Ducksters: The Middle Ages
Find out why Castles were made.

Primary Homework Help: Castles
Answers to all things on Castles.

EHow: Draw a medieval castle floor plan
Step by step instructions on how to create a Castle floor plan.

The Helpful Art Teacher: Parts of a Medieval Castle
See how a Castle is put together and what rooms make a Castle.

Exploring Castles: Life in a Medieval Castle
See what life was like in a Castle and who lives in them.

Castles: People of the Castle
A list of people who would work in a Castle.

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