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David Walliams

David Walliams BooksDavid Walliams books for children include Mr Stink, Gangster Granny, Demon Dentist and The Midnight Gang. Read his biography and buy his books.

David Walliams


Name: David Walliams

Date of birth: 20th August 1971

Place of birth: Merton, London

Occupation: Comedian, actor, author, television presenter

Family: Wife, one child


David Williams started as an actor and wrote comedy series’ for the BBC from 2003.  He has appeared in many television shows, documentaries and films. Maybe you have heard his voice in the films The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian or Pudsey: The Movie‘.

In 2008 David Walliams wrote his first children’s book called The Boy in the Dress‘ about a 12 year old boy who tries something out of the ordinary. 

A year later David Walliams wrote  his second book about a smelly tramp that changed the lives of one family. It was called Mr Stink. David Walliams then went on to win ‘Children’s Book of the Year’ for ‘Ratburger‘,Demon Dentist and Awful Auntie

Sport Relief

David Walliams has raised lots of money for Sport Relief by doing sponsored swims. In 2006 he swam the English Channel. It took him 10 hours and 34 minutes to swim 22 miles (35 km). He raised over £1 million for Sport Relief.

Next he swim the Strait of Gibraltar for Sport Relief. The swim from Spain to Morocco took 4½ hours.

In September 2011 David Walliams swam the length of the River Thames which was 140 miles. He raised more than £2 million for Sport Relief. Not only did he raise so much money but he also managed to save a dog too! 

David Walliams website

World of Walliams World of Walliams
A fun website with games, news, books and all about David Walliams.


David Walliams books

;The Boy in the Dress (2008)
Mr Stink (2009)
Billionaire Boy (2010)
Gangsta Granny (2011)
Ratburger (2012)
Demon Dentist (2013)
Awful Auntie (2014)
The Queen’s Orang-Utan (2015)
Grandpa’s Great Escape (2015)
The Slightly Annoying Elephant (2015)
The Bear Who Went Boo! (2016)
The First Hippo on the Moon (2016)
There’s a Snake in My School! (2016)
The World’s Worst Children (2016)
The Midnight Gang (2016)
Blob (2017)

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