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Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen booksMichael Rosen books for children include You’re thinking of doughnuts and We’re going on a Bear Hunt. Read his biography and buy his books.

Michael Rosen


Name: Michael Rosen

Date of birth: 7th May 1946

Place of birth: Harrow, Middlesex

Nationality: British

Occupation: Writer, poet

Family: Wife, 2 children


Michael Rosen mainly writes books for children. When he was twelve or thirteen he realised that he liked writing and trying out different kinds of writing. He would write about people he knew.

Michael Rosen worked for the BBC in the 1970s presenting programmes for schools. His first book was ‘Mind your own business‘. This was a book of poetry for children and he went on to write more books on poetry such as ‘Wouldn’t you like to know‘ and ‘You tell me‘.

As one of the first poets to visit schools, Michael Rosen inspired children about poetry. 

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt‘ won the overall ‘Nestlé Smarties Book Prize‘ in 1989 and more recently the ‘Guinness World Record‘ for the largest reading lesson in 2014.

Michael Rosen continues to support children’s education and literature in schools. 


Michael WebsiteMichael Rosen Official Website
A great website. Find out all about Michael Rosen, his books, read his poems, watch videos and links to get you writing too!

Michael Rosen videos reading his stories

Michael Rosen Books

We’re going on a bear hunt
Little Rabbit Foo Foo
Quick let’s get out of here
Bananas in my ears
Mustard, Custard, Grumble Belly and Gravy
Dear Fairy Godmother
Jelly Boots, Smelly Boots

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