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Roger Hargreaves

Roger Hargreaves Mr Men booksRoger Hargreaves books for children include the Mr Men series. Mr Tickle, Mr Bump and Mr Happy. Read his biography and buy his books.

Roger Hargreaves


Name: Roger Hargreaves

Date of birth: 9th May 1935

Died: 11th September 1988, aged 53

Place of birth: Cleckheaton, Yorkshire

Home: Kent, England

Nationality: British

Occupation: Author, illustrator

Family: Wife, 4 children


Roger Hargreaves’ ambition was to be a cartoonist. In 1971 his son Adam asked him what a tickle would look like. Roger Hargreaves then decided to create his first Mr. Men book called Mr Tickle. He found it hard to find someone who would turn his work into books but once he did, he sold over one million copies in three years.

Ten years later in 1981, he realised the Little Miss books. The first was Little Miss Bossy

Both the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters had their own television series called Mr. Men, first in 1974 and more recently in 2008 named The Mr. Men Show

Roger Hargreaves died at the age of 53. But the Mr. Men carry on and now his son Adam writes and draws new stories for the characters. 

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Roger Hargreaves books

Mr. Tickle (1971)
Mr. Greedy (1971)
Mr. Happy (1971)
Mr. Nosey (1971)
Little Miss Bossy (1981)
Little Miss Naughty (1981)
Little Miss Neat (1981)
Little Miss Sunshine (1981)
Mr. Noisy and the Giant (2001)
Little Miss Naughty and the Good Fairy (2003)
Little Miss Trouble and the Mermaid (2008)
Mr. Strong and the Ogre (2008)

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