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Christmas gamesChristmas for kids learning in Primary School. Homework help with learning the Christmas story, the nativity, the real Father Christmas. Website links, Christmas games and a countdown to Christmas.



Christmas Games

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Christmas story - The Nativity

The Christmas story starts with the birth of Jesus and is called the nativity from the Christian religion.

Two thousand years ago in the town of Nazareth, Mary and husband Joseph, a carpenter, was visited by an angel who told them that they have been chosen to have a special baby, the son of God and they must call him Jesus.  Mary and Joseph were told they should travel to Bethlehem, where Joseph came from. It took several days and Mary had to ride on a donkey to get there.

Birth of Jesus

When they arrived in Bethlehem it was very busy and they could not find a place to stay. One kind innkeeper had a stable where he kept his animals and he let them stay there for the night.  It was in the stable that Jesus was born. He was wrapped in strips of cloth and laid in a manger of hay.

Shepherds on a hillside over Bethlehem were visited by an angel to give them the message that the Son of God had been born in a stable near by.  Immediately the shepherds wanted to visit the baby and travelled to see Him. They knelt down and worshipped Him and told Mary and Joseph that Jesus will be the Saviour of the world.

The Wise Men

Further away Wise Men noticed a new star in the sky shining so brightly. They knew it was a special star and that it meant that a great ruler had been born.  First, the Wise Men travelled to Jerusalem to see King Herod as they thought the baby would be in his palace. King Herod said that he would like to see the baby himself and to let him know when they had found him. He was worried that this new ruler would one day want to take the throne and be King himself.

The Wise Men found Jesus by following the bright star and upon seeing Him they knelt down and worshipped Him. They gave gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. That night they all had the same dream warning them not to go back to King Herod as he wanted to kill Jesus.

The Wise Men left without going back to see King Herod. Joseph then also had a dream telling him to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt as King Herod had ordered for Jesus to be killed.

When King Herod realised the Wise Men were not coming back he ordered for all the baby boys to be killed in Bethlehem. He did not find Jesus as he was already safe.

Christmas Songs


Easy Christmas Crafts

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The story of Father Christmas

The story of Father Christmas starts with a man called Nicholas whose parents were very rich, but they died when he was still young. Nicholas grew up to be very kind and would give secret gifts to people who would need it.

The legend tells us that Nicholas came across a poor man who had three daughters. The man had such little money he couldn't afford for his daughters to get married. So one night, Nicholas secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney. It just so happened that the gold fell into a sock that was hanging on the fireplace to dry. With this gold, one of the daughters was able to get married.

Nicholas then dropped another bag of gold in order for the seconded daughter to get married.  The man was delighted but he was determined to see who was doing this. So one night, he hid by the fire and saw Nicholas drop another bag. Nicholas begged the man not to tell anyone, but word got out and from then, whenever someone found a secret gift, they thought it was from Nicholas.

Because of his kindness Nicholas was made a Saint. St. Nicholas.

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