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Drawing of Hindu girl in front of a templeHinduism for kids in Primary Learning. Homework help with what is Hinduism, how Hindu’s worship and what there holy festivals are.

What is Hinduism?

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions, at least 5,000 years old. Hindus believe that your soul is a part of God and is eternal (lasts forever). When we die our soul enters another body. Hindus believe we can come back as a person or as a plant or animal. Depending on how good we are in this live decides what we come back as in the next. This is called reincarnation.

Beacause the soul is in all living things Hindus must show respect in all people and animals. Many Hindus don’t eat meat because of this.

Hindu God LakshmiBBC Bitesize Classroom clips
A selection of classroom clips on Hinduism and their celebrations.


  • Hindus often touch feet of our elders to show respect.
  • Before eating food is offered to the Hindu God.
Hindu God VishnuPrimary homework help
A huge amount of information on Hinduism and their traditions.

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Hindus worship everyday at home. They have a place where they have pictures or figures of the Gods. Worshiping is done in the mornings and uses the five senses. Sight – looking at pictures, sound – singing songs, taste & touch – oftering of food, smell – incense sticks are lit.

Hindus also go to worship in Temples. A bell is rung loudly to let know God that they are there. A red spot called the tilak is painted onto the forehead which is a sign of Gods blessing.

Hindu symbol the om United Religions Initiative
Hinduism: Sacred spaces and places. Read about temples or mandirs.


There are many Hindu Gods. Most families will choose which Gods to worship to. Here are some of them.

Lord Shiva – Destroys evil and protects us from pain and suffering.
Krishna – A warrior and teacher.
Shakti – Gentle, kind but sometimes fierce.
Lakshmi – Goddess of good luck and wealth.
Ganesh – The God of beginnings.

Diwali – The festival of lights

Diwali is the most important festival in the Hindu calendar. It celebrates the homecoming of Rama and Sita from the forest. The lights are put out to show the Gods the way home. It also welcomes the Goddness Lakshmi, Godness of good luck and wealth, into Hindi homes.

At the beginning of Diwali Hindus make rangoli patterns on their doorstep from rice powder, flour and water to welcome Lakshmi. Hindu’s give money, fruit, sweets and rice to friends and family.

The story of Diwali – Rama & Sita

Holi – The festival of colours

Holi marks the beginning of spring and is from the story of the wicked Holika who tried to get rid of her nephew, Prince Prahlad.

The story of Holi – Holika

Coloured powder are thrown over each other as part of the Holi festival. Water is also thrown over each other to remind Hindus of Krishna splashing in the river during spring.