Helping your child transition back to school

helping-your-child-transition-back-to-schoolIt’s common for any child to feel a little worried about returning to school after a break. With a little preparation, you can make the return to school an easy transition.

Create a countdown

It’s not nice to suddenly discover on the morning that school begins that you have to get up early to get there. So it is important that you remind your child as the first day approaches, that school is beginning soon. Mention this to your child a few days beforehand and create a chart that your child can tick off the days before the start of school.

Buy something new

It’s doesn’t have to be anything expensive and it doesn’t have to be a completely new school kit. It could be a new set of pencils, a new lunch box or water bottle maybe. Your child will look forward to using this for the first time and show all their friends and it’s one good reason to get excited about going to school again.

Organise school things

Involve your child to create a space for their school things. If they are younger maybe have a space for any artwork they bring home. If they are older, plan with them to make a special place to empty their book bag and keep their homework.

Layout school clothes

Layout their school clothes the night before it’s a good reminder that school is this next day and if you involve your child to lay out the clothes they will start to happily accept the start of school is after one more sleep.


Children feel happier if there is a familiar routine in place. Start the school routine a few days before school so your child is familiar with this. If you know your child is not good at getting out on time practise the morning routine and make it fun. Maybe a race to put shoes on. Can we be outside and ready by 8.30am? Will we beat our time tomorrow?

Homework practice

Buy some workbooks or do some activities on Super Brainy Beans for homework. Start the homework routine early before they start school. This gets them into a routine of doing it and its less of a struggle when they do bring something home from school.

Plenty of rest

Make sure your child is on top of their sleep before they start back at school. Everything is harder to cope with when you are tired so start going to bed on time a week before the start of school.

Reassure them

However your child feels about school, don’t dismiss their feelings. Tell them you understand and listen to their feelings and concerns. Try to get them to work with you to come up with a solution to their issues, if need be. Sometimes just listening is all they need. Be there for them and they will more likely come to you if there is ever any problems at school.

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