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Year 6 Spelling Words List Printable Worksheets


Download and print out our spelling worksheets for Year 6. 360 words especially selected for kids in Year 6, KS2.

  • 360 words.
  • 36 weeks of spelling tests.
  • Every test uses the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method.
  • Covers all the essential words to learn in Year 6.
  • Print at home.

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Year 6 spelling words list printable worksheets for KS2.


  • 360 words to spell for children in Year 6.
  • Broken down into 36 pages of spelling tests.
  • Each page is a new week of spellings.
  • Every test uses the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method.
  • Covers all the essential words to learn in Year 6.
  • Print at home.
  • Includes:
    • 20 challenging words
    • 60 describing words
    • 70 variations of common words
    • 10 homophones
    • 10 adjectives
    • 20 words with hyphens
    • 20 nouns & verbs
    • 100 words with the suffix: ible; ibly; able; ably; ance; ancy; ence; ency; cial; tial;
    • 10 words with the prefix: micro; mini;
    • 40 words containing: ie; ei; ce; ou; ow;
    • Blank sheet for you to fill in your own words.

Spelling Tips

Spellings make up a percentage of marks in some tests so it’s important to learn them early and not lose marks on spellings.

The best way to remember your spellings is the look, say, cover, write, check method. Regularly practising this way will improve spellings.
Look Say Cover Write Check Spellings

Practice your spellings for four days then get someone to test you on the fifth day without looking at the words first.

  • If you find the spellings difficult in your year then try starting with spellings from the year below.
  • It’s ok to work lower than the year you are on and fill the gaps rather than struggling at your level without understanding the basics.

For more information on how to help your child with their spellings check our Spelling pages on our website.

Check out our spelling videos on YouTube.

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