Atoms, bonding and moles

Atoms, bonding & moles

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Atomic structure

Atoms, chemical equations, mixtures, fractional distillation, chromatography, history of the atom, isotopes, electronic structures

Pass my exams: Chemistry Topics
See elemets & compounds sections.

BBC Bitesize: States of matter
States of matter, state changes and changing the pressure.

BBC Bitesize: Brownian motion
Particles in both liquids and gases (collectively called fluids) move randomly. This is called Brownian motion.

The Periodic table

Groups, electronic structures, alkali metals, halogens, transition elements

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Structure & bonding

Ions, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, giant covalent structures, fullerenes, graphene

Chemical calculations

States of matter, atoms into ions, ionic bonding, giant ionic structures, covalent bonding,

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