Particles at work

Particles at work

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Electric circuits

Current & charge, potential difference, resistance, series circuits, parallel circuits

BBC Bitesize: Electricity
Sample exam questions.

Electricity in the home

Alternating current, cables & plugs, electrical currents

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Grade Gorilla Quizes
Quizes for testing your physics knowledge.

Physics Formulas
Test youself on charge, current & time.

BBC Bitesize: Electricity
Sample exam questions.

BBC Bitesize: Mains electricity
Electricity can flow either as direct or alternating current, and is used in homes to power electrical appliances.

Molecules and matter

Density, changes of state, internal energy, specific latent heat

Boyle's law
Pressure and volume relationship of a gas.

Density Mass Volume
Density mass volume explained with practice questions & answers.

Miss Wise's physics site
Specific latent heat practice questions.


Radioactivity, nucleus, alpha, beta & gramma radiation, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion

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