History of witches, KS3 at Secondary School. Homework help with witch trials, witch hunters and famous witches.

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Witches in Britain

Witchcraft in a Nutshell
Witchcraft in 16th & 17th Century England.

Witchcraft pages
Why did people truly believe in witches in the 17th century?

Famous Witches
The 10 Most Famous Witches in History.

History of Witches
A brief history of witches by Suzannah Lipscomb.

Witches in Britain
Witchcraft was not made a capital offence in Britain until 1563.

5 real witches in history.

10 Weird Facts About Witches
The practice of witchcraft is deeply rooted in history, and has—excuse the joke—conjured up some very interesting myths. Here are a few facts.

Witch trials

Witches in the dock
10 of Britain’s most infamous witch trials.

Pendle Witches
During the sixteenth century whole districts in some parts of Lancashire seemed contaminated with the presence of witches.

A Witch Trial
The witch trial that made legal history.

Witch hunters

The truth about witches and witch-hunters
Witch-hunters didn't target women as such, they targeted witches – and about 25% of witches were men.

Matthew Hopkins

Who was Matthew Hopkins?
Matthew Hopkins was a failed lawyer who claimed that he had been given the job of 'witchfinder' by the government.

Witch-finder witch?
Hopkins used devious methods to extract confessions.