Deserts & Drought


These are large areas that get very little rain.

Desert Facts

Fun Desert Facts websiteFun Desert Facts
Check out our fun desert facts for kids and enjoy learning a variety of interesting information about deserts.
Desert Facts for kids websiteDesert Facts For Kids
According to an estimate, deserts receive no more than 250 mm of rain annually. Check out all these amazing desert facts.

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Antarctica Desert

Did you know that Antarctica is a desert as it gets very little rain?

Fun Desert Facts websiteFun Antarctica Facts
Because it experiences such little rain, Antarctica is considered a desert. Check out these facts about Antarctica.
Desert Facts for kids websiteAntarctica Facts For Kids
Discover this magnificent continent through these interesting Antarctica facts for kids.


Droughts occur when there has been very little rainfall for a long time.

Newsround - Drought webpageCBBC Newsround – Drought
Newsround’s Ricky has been out to Kenya to report on the drought in East Africa, and what it means for the people who live there.
Newsround - The Children of Drought webpageCBBC Newsround – The Children of drought
Watch Children of the Drought: A Newsround Special.
Drought for kids websiteDrought for kids
What is drought? We’ll explore weather, climate, and the water cycle to understand drought better.
Just a Drop websiteJust a Drop
Just a Drop is an international water aid charity. To date, we have provided clean, safe water to some of the poorest communities in over 30 countries worldwide.


Famines occur when people get very little or no food for a long time. Often the cause of this is droughts but other natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods can also cause famines.

What does famine mean? Newsround webpageGuide: What does famine mean?
The ‘Horn of Africa’ area is suffering its worst drought in 60 years. But what does the term ‘famine’ mean?
Do something website11 Facts about Famine
11 Facts about Famine around the world.
Oxfam websiteOxfam
Droughts and floods are becoming increasingly frequent. It means that millions of people are going hungry.See what Oxfam is doing to help.

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