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About Super Brainy Beans

How we started

Child on Computer

It all started as a simple web page.  A few links to fun educational games my two small boys liked to play on the internet.

As a mum who liked to support my children's learning at home, I was asked by some parents what I do to help them at home. I shared my web page with them and started thinking that maybe other parents and children would find this useful too. And so Super Brainy Beans was born.

Today, Super Brainy Beans has hundreds of visitors every month. It is used by children, parents and schools all over the UK.

It's a continually growing website bringing the best of the web for your child's learning. From birth and throughout primary school, its everything you need to know in one place.

Is your child moving up to Secondary School?

GCSE Revision BuddyAs my children have grown up I have continued to support them at school. My next website creation, GCSE Revision Buddy supports homework help from KS3 to GCSE. Be sure to check this out for revision help and support in those GCSE years.


Contact us

We are always looking for new content. If you know of any good sites or games please send them to us using the form in the sidebar.

If advertising is your thing we will consider placing appropriate ads for our visitors on our site. Please visit our advertising page for details on how to send us your request.

If you wish to get in touch with us email us about anything else do so at

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you find it useful and that you come back again and again.

Kelly Kothary - Founder Super Brainy Beans

Kelly Kothary