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Road Safety

Road Safety for kidsRoad Safety for kids at Primary School. Homework help with how to stay safe near roads and using the Green Cross Code.

Road Safety Rules

The Roads can be busy places so learning a few rules of the road will help you stay safe when you are out and about.

The Green Cross Code

The Green Cross Code is a list of steps you should follow when you want to cross a road.

  1. Find a safe place to cross - Zebra crossings, pelican crossings (traffic lights) footbridges, subways and places with an island are all safe places to cross. Use these if there is one nearby. If there isn't, make sure you use part of the road where there are no parked cars which will stop you seeing down the road.
  2. STOP before you get to the kerb - Don't stand too close to the edge of the road. Keep back so you can see down the road on both sides.
  3. LOOK all around for traffic - Traffic can come from anywhere so look all around you.
  4. LISTEN for traffic - Sometimes you can hear traffic before you can see it.
  5. Let traffic go - If there is traffic coming let it go. Some cars seem a long way off but maybe going fast. To be sure let the traffic go.
  6. When it is safe, cross the road - Keep looking and listening while you cross. Look out for cyclists and motorbikes as well. Walk in a straight line, and DO NOT RUN.
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Be seen, wear reflective clothing

For drivers, it is hard to see people near the road when it is dark, so they may not stop for you when they need to. To stay safe it is important to be seen clearly when the light is bad.

Wearing something reflective on your clothes or bags that you carry can help you be seen. Reflective clothing reflects the light from the car headlights and appears bright to the driver. This can make a big difference in staying safe near roads at night.

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