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Normans for kids

The Normans for kids KS2

The Normans for kids learning in KS2 at Primary School. Homework help with the history of Normans, Norman soliders, Norman life.

Time: 1060 - 1200

Who were the Normans?

When the Vikings settled in Normandy (Northern France) they were known as Normans. The Normans were hungry for more land and they were great sailors.

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A Day in the life of a 10 year old Norman - Video

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Why did the Normans want to come to England?

Duke William of Normandy heard there was a new King of England, Harold. Duke William believed that he should be king because of a promise that the previous king (Edward the Confessor) had made.

A sample of the Bayeux TapestryThe Norman Conquest
The Norman Conquest of England - William the Conqueror.

What is the battle of Hastings?

In 1066 Duke William of Normandy sailed to England and fought King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. The Normans won, and King Harold was killed. William was crowned King of England.

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The Battle of Hastings videos

What is the Hundred Years’ War?

The Kings of England argued with the Kings of France about who owned land in France and they had many wars over it. The longest war was the Hundred Years’ War. The current king of England, Edward III and his son, the Black Prince, won a battle at Crécy and by 1360 then English had taken over most of the land.


Who is Joan of Arc?

In 1415 King Henry V of England won the Battle of Agincourt. Then in 1429 a girl called Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) lead the French and drove the English out of Orléans. The English burned her as a witch, but that didn’t stop the French who kept winning back land and the war ended in 1453 when the French took back Bordeaux.

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