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All about Christianity for kids learning at Primary School. Homework help to find out what is Christianity, how do they worship? Where do Christians worship. All explained.

What is Christianity?

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Christianity began 2,000 years ago in the Middle East. Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God and he came to Earth to show Gods love. When Jesus died, God brought him back to life again. They believe that if Christians follow Jesus they could live with God forever in heaven after they die. Christians try to respect other people and help those in need. 


Christians worship in a church. They go on a Sunday to gather together and worship God. During the service in church, a minister or vicar will read from the Bible. They will also talk about Jesus's teachings, this is called a sermon. There would be songs, called hymns and prayers as well. Christians usually dress smartly to go to church and will always speak quietly and respectfully.

Christianity for kidsChristianity for kids
Celebrations, sacred spaces, basic beliefs and resources on Christianity.
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What is Christianity and Christain life.

Why do Christians go to church on a Sunday?

Christians believe that when Jesus rose from the dead it was a Sunday. Therefore they believe that Sundays are a special day of worship.

Why do Christians say 'Amen' at the end of a prayer?

Amen means 'let it be so'. It's a way of saying that they agree with the words of the prayer that has just been said.

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The Bible

The bible is a holy book for Christians. It contains the stories of the creation of the world, Noah's Ark and the flood, the birth of Jesus, His crucifixion. resurrection and much more.

The Bible contains lots of stories called parables. These are stories that Jesus told to teach people about God's love for them. The book has two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is the history of the Jews before Jesus was born. The New Testament is about the teachings of Jesus.

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Jesus' story

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The story of Christmas

We often hear of the story of Jesus at Christmas time which is the time when Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem, near Jerusalem. Mary is the mother of Jesus. Christians call her the Holy Mother. Joseph was Jesus's father who was a carpenter.

The Story of Easter

When Jesus was 30 years old he told people of God's teachings, but many leaders at that time did not like what he was saying. The Romans arrested him for saying that he was a Son of God. They nailed Him to a cross and left him to die.

Jesus was buried but on the third day he came back to life, this is called the resurrection. Easter is the time of year that Jesus died and was re-born, this is celebrated every year.

Good Friday is the day that Jesus was beaten and whipped before being nailed to a cross.
Easter Saturday or Holy Saturday is when a special candle is lite in some churches.
Easter Sunday is a happy day. It is the day Jesus came back to life. Christians believe this shows that, after we die we can start a new life with God.

Christians give eggs at Easter. This reminds them of Jesus' new life and the hope of new life for all who follow him.

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Baptism takes place when a person joins the Christian Church. For most people this can be any time from when they are babies to 10 years old. It marks the starting of a new life with Jesus.

When babies are baptised the shape of a cross is made in water on the baby's forehead.

Many Christians are confirmed in their early teens. It marks the change from being a child to an adult. It also strengthens their promises to follow the teachings of Jesus.


Weddings take place in a church. Couples chose to marry this way to mark the promise to love each other until they die. Songs are sung and guest pray for the new couple. After the ceremony there is a special meal, dancing and singing.

Harvest Festivals

Harvest Festivals remind Christians of all the things God has given over the year. This usually takes place in September/October time. Food is gathered and the church is decorated with food. Afterwards church service, the food is handed to people in need.

Funeral services

Funeral services take place when a Christian dies. Christians celebrate their life and their new life with God.

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