Birth to 2½ years – Play

Entertaining Babies and toddlers birth to 5 years

Entertaining Babies from birth to 2½ years - Play

Entertaining babies from birth to 2½ years through play. Educating and teaching pre-school children activities.

6 weeks


Doing gentle exercises at this age can be fun, and you may be able to find baby gym classes in your area. If not, there are simple exercises you can do at home that help develop your baby's muscles.

Arm stretch
Holding your baby's hands or they can hold onto your fingers, take turns to move their arms up and down.

Holding your baby's ankles move their legs as if they are riding a bicycle in the air.

Leg pushes
Let your baby push their feet against the palms of your hands.

Holding your baby's hands open out babys arms to the side and then cross them over babys chest. This can be done lying down on a mat or sitting with your baby's back against you.


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