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Music for kidsMusic for kids learning in KS1 & KS2 at Primary School. Music homework help with the history of music, great composers, music genres and how to create your own music.

Compose your own music

Compose your own music websiteNote games
Work out the next note that spells out a word.
Music sheet
Print off this blank sheet of music to write your own music.
Soundation websiteSoundation Studio
Drag and drop sounds to make music. Free but needs a login (ask your parents).

The history of music

It is thought that music first began before 500 AD in Africa. Every culture and tribe would have their own music. Some of the oldest music would have been Native American music and Australian Aboriginal music. The sounds would have been natural sounds and rhythms.

The human voice came next with people making sounds by singing, humming, whistling, clicking, coughing and yawning. The oldest instrument discovered has been a bone flute. It had five holes and a v-shaped mouthpiece. The oldest piece of music found was from 3,400 years ago.

The Ancient Greeks used double pipes and bagpipes. Seven holed flutes and different stringed instruments were also used.

Musical instruments

There are many different types of musical instruments they are put into five groups.

Strings – these you have to pluck. Guitars, harps or violins.

Percussion – play by beating them. Drums, tamourine and xylophones.
Woodwinds – blow into these to make a sound. Recorder, saxophone, flute.
Brass – these are also blown into. Trumpets, horns and tubas.
Keyboards – keys are pressed to make a sound. Pianos, organs or harpsichords.

DSO kids websiteDSO Kids
Click on an instrument and listen to its sound.
Guide to Orchestras websiteYoung persons guide to orchestras
Learn about instruments and how they all play together to make an orchestra.

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Music genres

Music is divided up into groups depending on how it sounds. These are called genres. Here is a list of the main genres in music:

JazzReggaeFilm score
Hip HopGospelLatin
Electronic DanceDiscoNew age

Listen to the genres below. Which is your favourite?

Great Composers

There have been many great composers over time. Take a look at the website below for a long list of composers and listen to a small piece of their music. Lots of famous classical work has been reused for television, film and adverts, do you recognise any of the music?

Classics for kids websiteClassics for kids
Classical music’s great composers come to life through music and stories.
Mozart profile pageBBC Schools – Mozart
A history of Mozart, when he got into music and his work.

How to play the recorder

Play RecorderPlay Recorder
More simple tunes to get you started with the recorder.
Joy Tunes websiteJoy Tunes
Games you can play that use the sound of your recorder. You need a microphone for this to work.
Learn to play recorder websiteYou can play it – Recorder
Once you have gone through the lessons above have a go at learning these pieces of music.

How to play the guitar

Kids Guitar Zone WebsiteKids Guitar Zone Website
Free online guitar lessons website will slash the time it takes for kids to learn and master the basics of the guitar. Print off the music for the lessons above.
Guitar LessonsGuitar Lessons for beginners
Learn everything that you need to know in order to strum your way through a fun chord progression that you can use to make up your own songs.