Light & Sound – Year 1 & 2

Light and Sound for KidsLight & sound for Year 1 & 2 kids at Super Brainy Beans. Science homework help with how light travels with light games and sound games. For children in Year 1 and Year 2, Key Stage 1 (KS1).

Sources of light

Sources of light are things that give off light. Examples of sources of light are lamps, torches, candles, fire and the sun.

Hands onSources of light game – Try getting various objects and see if they give off light in a dark room. Notice how shiny objects such as a mirror or a shiny spoon do not give off light which means that you won’t be able to see in the dark with those objects. These objects are reflective and they simply reflect the light.

BBC Bitesize - LightLight and dark
Click on the objects to see which ones give out the most light.
BBC Bitesize - Spooky MansionSpooky Mansion
Help Molly escape from the spooky mansion by choosing the sources of light.
BBC Bitesize - Spooky MansionIdentify the sources of light
Identify the sources of light and say what that light is used for.


We can hear sounds through our ears. The sound travels in invisible sound waves from the object to our ears. The further away the object is the quieter the sound is. If the object is near the object is louder.

BBC Bitesize - Play your sounds rightPlay your sounds right
Help Molly match the sound to the object.

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