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Human Body Year 3 & 4

Human Body KS2
Year 3 & 4

Human Body KS2 kids learning at Primary School. Learn about the Human Body and the parts of the body for Key Stage 2, Year 3 & 4 children.

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Skeletons, bones and muscles

Human SkeletonHuman Skeleton
Can you label the Human Skeleton with all the right parts?

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Keeping Active

Exercise is important in keeping your body healthy.

Exercising can make us feel happy and more positive and give us a lot more energy. It helps us to concentrate and it can also help us sleep well at night.

Keeping active keeps your heart, lungs and muscles strong and healthy. Exercise so that you feel your heart beating quickly. This means that your are making your heart stronger by working hard. It is also working your lungs too. Try some of the workouts below and see if you can get your heart beating fast.

Keeping HealthyKeeping Healthy
Select the activity that you think will make Rubys heart beat the fastest.

PE with Joe

Home Workouts

8 Minute Move

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Staying healthy

It is very important to live a healthy lifestyle in order for our bodies to work correctly. This means eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water. We need to eat the right amounts of food from the main food groups:

  • fruit & vegetables
  • carbohydrates
  • proteins
  • dairy
  • sugar & fats
BBC Bitesize NutritionBBC Bitesize Nutrition
Healthy eating and nutrition videos from BBC Bitesize. See how you can design a new sandwich.
Balanced diet food plateDK Find out!
What you need in a balanced diet, dairy, fats & sugars, fruit & vegetables.
Basket of foodDK Find out!
What's in food? Learn about nutrients in the foods we eat.

Fruit and vegetables

vegetablesFruit and vegetables gives us our vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals do all sorts of things for our bodies. They help build strong bones and teeth, keep our body fighting off germs and help heal wounds. 

One third of what we eat a day should be fruit and vegetables. A great way to measure this is to eat 5 handfuls of fruit or vegetables. Try it. How many handfuls of fruit and vegetables are you eating every day?


Face make of fruitFive a day song
This catchy song promotes eating five pieces of fruit or vegetables a day in order to keep fit and healthy.
Colouring in sheetFruit & Veg colouring in
Fruit & Veg colouring in sheets and guessing game for you to print and play

What are carbohydrates?

carbohydratesCarbohydrates are foods that give us energy. The type of foods that give us energy are bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, cereals, cakes and biscuits. 

Starches and sugars

Carbohydrates are split into two groups, starches and sugars. Starches are the ones that really give us our energy. Bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and cereals. One third of what we eat every day should be of starchy foods.

Biscuits and cakes are carbohydrates but they contain sugars. Your body only needs very little of these.

Carbohydrates foodWhat are carbohydrates?
Bread, cereals, pasta, rice, and sweet foods are mostley carbohydrates.

What are proteins?

proteinOur body needs proteins to grow and repair itself. Proteins help protect you from getting ill and is what your muscles, organs, hair and skin are made of.

Some of the types of foods that give us protein are chicken, ham, beef and fish. If you do not eat meat then you can find protein in beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, lentils and beans.

Protein foodWhat is protein?
Foods such as meat, fish, eggs, beans and nuts all contain protein.
A cooked chickenFood facts
What foods are high in proteins? How do proteins work in our bodies?

What is dairy?

dairyFoods in this group give us calcium which gives us strong, healthy bones. Dairy foods also contain protein. Milk, cheese and yogurt are foods in this group. 


Sugar and fats

sugar-fatSugar can be found in a lot of foods that we like the taste of but they are not necessarily good for us. Sweets, chocolate, honey, cakes and biscuits all contain too much sugar and we shouldn't eat too much of this everyday. Having too much sugar can be harmful to your teeth and cause tooth decay. Eating too much sugar can also cause you to put on weight which is bad for your health and can cause things like diabetes and heart disease.

Fats give our body energy that is stored as a fat layer under the skin to keep us warm. Too much fat will cause a bigger layer under the skin and will cause us to look bigger than we should be. Fats can also build up in your arteries, the tubes that carry your blood around your body. When this happens your brain and heart doesn't always get the amount a blood flowing that it needs and this can cause problems with your health.

food-labelFoods that have fats are butter, oil, cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, crisps, cakes and biscuits. In fact most food have some kind of fat.  The here is a food label from a cereal box. Even though we know that cereal is a carbohydrate is still contains fat. 

Saturated and unsaturated fats

It's good to have a little bit of fat in what you eat and unsaturated fat is the better to have. Saturated fat is not good for our bodies and you can find saturated fat in many foods such as butter, cheese, ice cream, biscuits and cakes. Check out the food label again. It has 6.0g of fat in this cereal. 1.3g of that is saturated fat. Check your food labels at home, how much saturated fat does your food have? 

Foods with fatWhat is fat?
Nuts and dairy foods, such as butter and cheese contain fat.

Making a balanced meal

A balanced meal should contain the right amount of these 5 food groups. Try swapping sugary foods with more healthy foods like fruit and vegetables.

Change 4 lifeChange 4 Life
Fresh, crunchy, satisfying bagels – just what you want for a lunchtime treat.
Mini pizza quichesKids cooking recipes
Get those budding Jamies and Nigellas into the kitchen.


How well do you brush your teeth? Ask in a pharmacy for a special tablet that turns all the plaque in your mouth coloured and see if you can brush your teeth clean. Notice how long it takes, you should aim to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day. Find a timer and time yourself brushing.

NOTE: Please follow the instructions on the packet carefully.

Check out some of the games on Year 1 & 2 to remind you how to brush your teeth.

Teeth & EatingTeeth & Eating
Select the correct teeth for each animal.
Teeth are used for..Teeth are used for..
Find out about the different ways we use our teeth.
Types of teethTypes of teeth
Learn about the different kinds of teeth in your mouth, and what they're used for.
Build a mouthBuild a mouth
Learn where in the mouth the different teeth are found.
Looking after your teethLooking after your teeth
Find out how you can keep your teeth and gums healthy for life!

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