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Electricity Year 5 & 6

Year 5 & 6

Electricity Year 5 & 6 kids at Primary School KS2. Science homework help. Learn about electrical circuits, symbols on a circuit diagram, circuit experiements.

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Switches are used in a circuit to break the flow of electricity.

When the switch is off (open) it creates a gap in the circuit so that the electricity can't flow around.

When the switch is on (closed) it completes the circuit and allows the electricity to flow.

Building circuits

Try building your own circuits with one of the following online circuit games. See what happens when you add more components, or more batteries.

Circuit World logoCircuit World
Build and test your own electrical circuits with circuit world.
Blobz game playBlobz: Electic Circuits
Learn about circuits then play the game and take the quiz to test what you know.
A electric circuitPower up: Circuit Builder
Drag the components to where you want the in the circuit. Choose a battery and explore.

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Drawing circuits

When circuits are drawn, symbols are used instead of pictures. Learn the symbols to draw your own circuits.

Cell (battery) Two cells (batteries)
Switch (off) Switch (on)
Bulb Buzzer

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