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Environment – Year 1 & 2

Environment for kids

Year 1 & 2

Environment for kids in Year 1 & 2. Learning KS1 Science at Primary School. Learn about the rubbish & recycling, the seasons, rubbish & recycling.

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We get seasons because the earth is tilted. Some time of the year we are leaning away from the sun and it's colder, this is winter. Some time of the year we are leaning towards the sun and it's warmer. This is summer.

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Rubbish & Recycling

We produce a lot of rubbish and it has to go somewhere. A lot of this rubbish gets buried in the ground hoping that one day it will rot and disappear. This can take hundreds even thousands of years. And it that time we are piling more and more rubbish into the ground. Recycling is an answer for this. When we recycle something we melt it down or crush our rubbish up and make it new again. Recycling can also be selling or giving away the things we don't use any more so that someone else can use them. Some people are very imaginative with rubbish and give them some new uses. Take a look below to see what wonderful things can be done with rubbish.

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