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Human Body Year 5 & 6

Human Body KS2
Year 5 & 6

Human Body KS2 kids learning at Primary School. Learn about the Human Body and the parts of the body for Key Stage 2, Year 5 & 6 children.

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Humans are omnivores which mean we eat both plants and animals. So our teeth are designed to eat both things.

We have three types of teeth.

Incisors - These are at the front of your mouth. They are for hitting into the food and cutting it.

Canines - These are the four sharp teeth next to your incisors. There is one in each corner. They are used for tearing your food.

- These are the bigger ones that sit at the back. They are for crushing and grinding your food.

Structure of a toothStructure of a tooth
Learn about the different materials that make up your teeth.
Teeth TimelineTeeth Timeline
Learn when the different kinds of teeth will emerge.

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