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Electricity Year 3 & 4

Year 3 & 4

Electricity Year 3 & 4 kids at Primary School KS2. Science homework help. Learn about electrical circuits, open and closed circuits, conductor and insulators.

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What is electricity?

Electricity is an energy source that builds up in one place or flow to one place from another. The electricity that builds up in one place is called static electricity. The electricity that flows is called current electricity.

Scientist looking at electricityBBC Bitesize - What is electricity?
Electricity is created by generators which can be powered by gas, coal, oil, wind or solar.
Scientist reading a book on powerBBC Bitesize - What is power?
ower is a measure of how fast electrical energy is turned into another type of electrical energy, such as heat or light.


Electricity can only travel if there is a complete circuit. A complete circuit is made up of different components. Batteries (or cell), wires and bulbs, buzzers and motors are all components.

If a wire is broken the circuit will be broken and it won't move the electricity around it.

Batteries powering a light blubLearning circuits
Circuits explained in this interactive website.
Blobz game playBlobz: Electic Circuits
Learn about circuits then play the game and take the quiz to test what you know.
A electric circuitPower up: Circuit Builder
Drag the components to where you want the in the circuit. Choose a battery and explore.
Bitesize - Circuit VideosBBC Bitesize - Circuits
Watch videos on circuits.

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Conductors and insulators

A conductor is a material that lets electricity pass through it. Metals let electricity pass through it.

An insulator is a material that does not let electricity to pass through it. Wood, plastic and glass are all insulators.

Bitesize - Conductors VideosBBC Bitesize - Conductors
Watch videos on conductors.
Quiz ConductorsQuiz - Electrical conducators and insulators
Take the quiz and test your knowledge on conductors and insulators.
Scientist getting a shockBBC Bitesize: Conducators and insulators
Some materials let electricity pass through them easily. These materials are known as electrical conductors.

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