Materials Year 1 & 2

Materials for kids
Year 1 & 2

Materials for kids Year 1 & 2 explained. Learning in Key Stage 1 Science. Learn about natural & man-made materials and how to identify them.

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Natural or Man-made

Objects are either natural or man-made.

Natural things have come from nature you can get them from the earth and you can normally see them outside.

Man-made things have been made by people for us to use.

Identifying materials

Materials can be identified by its properties.

Hard materials are difficult to scratch or bend. These materials are used to make tough things such as tools.

Soft materials can be squashed and twisted. Foam is a soft material used to make mattresses and cushions.

Transparent materials are see-through. Glass is transparent. It used in windows and drinking glasses. Why do you think glass is used to drink out of?

Opaque materials are not see-through. Curtains are a fabric which is opaque.

Soluble materials dissolve in water. If it is insoluble it means it doesn't dissolve in water.

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