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Plants & Animals Year 3 & 4

Plants & Animals
Year 3 & 4

Plants & Animals for kids in Year 3 & 4. Learning KS2 Science at Primary School. Learn about the parts of a plant and what they need to grow.

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Parts of a plant

There are four main parts of a plant.

Parts of a flower labeledFlower - A plant may have one or more flowers. The large coloured parts are the petals. The petals surround the middle part of the flower which is called the stamen. This is where the pollen is which is carried away by insects or the wind. The flower gets pollen from other flowers of the same kind and used it to make seeds.

Leaf - There are many leaves on a plant. They use water from the stem or rain falling and the sunlight to turn into food. Food helps the plant grow.

Stem - The stem holds the leaves and flowers. It also carries the water and food around the plant. The stem of a tree is called a trunk. It is covered in bark and not green like other plants.

Roots - Roots hold the plant in the ground. It takes water and minerals from the soil to use for food.

Bitesize - PlantsBBC Bitesize - What are the parts of a plant?
Plants have roots, stems and leaves. Some also have flowers.

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What does a plant need to grow?

There are a few things that plants need in order to grow big and strong.

Light - Plants need light to make food. They take light in through their leaves and turn it into food with a process called photosynthesis.

Air - Plants use carbon dioxide in the air to turn into food.

Water - The roots take in water which travel through the stem to the parts of the plant.

Nutrients - The roots take in minerals from the water in the soil. The minerals help the plant grow strong and healthy. Without this, the plant would be thin and yellow.

Room - Every plant needs room to grow. If a plant is too near other plants they will be fighting for the same water and minerals in the soil. Bigger plants may also block sunlight from the smaller plants.

Some plants need different amounts of these things. A cactus grows in a dry hot places. They can survive with less water.

Bitesize - PlantsBBC Bitesize - What does a plant need to grow?
Plants provide food for people and animals to eat. They also make oxygen. All people and animals need oxygen to breathe.

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