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Earth & Space – Year 3 & 4

Space facts for kidsDay and night facts for kids learning at Primary School. Homework help about the the phases of the Moon, and why we have day and night for Key Stage 2, Year 3 & 4 children.

Day and night

Day and NightDay and Night
Learn how the movement of the Earth makes day and night-time.
Day and Night DemostrationDay and Night Demonstration
See how day and night changes as the earth rotates. Watch the phases of the moon as it orbits our planet.
Sunrise and sunsetSunrise and sunset
Learn how the movement of the Earth makes day and night-time.
Earths orbitEarths orbit
See earths orbit and how we get seasons.
Night and DayNight and Day
What can you remember about night and day? Test your knowledge here.

The phases of the Moon

Phases of the moonPhases of the moon
Learn about how the positions of the Earth and Sun affect our view of the Moon.
Earth & BeyondEarth & Beyond
Learn facts of our solar system if you pass the test you earn credits to play a game.

Our solar system

Earth & BeyondSpace – Read alone
Read this online book to learn about our solar system and planets. Discover our journey into space travel.

Space travel

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