Addition Year 2

Addition Year 2

Addition Year 2, KS1. Maths homework help with adding 9 & 11, doubles & halves and number bonds. Worksheets & games for kids.

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Number pairs to 20

There are pairs of numbers that add up to 20. Knowing these will help you do quick sums.


Number BondsNumber Bonds to 20
Shoot the ball that gets you 20 before they all disappear down the hole.

Doubles and Halves to 20

Free online Maths games

Adding 9 and 11

When you add a 9 to a number it is sometimes easier to round it up to 10 and then take away

Jet Ski Addition gameJet Ski Addition
Click the correct answer to power your jet ski. How quickly you answer determines how fast the jet ski will go.

Addition Games

Mental Maths Train game playMental Maths Train
Select form various game modes for addition practice in Year 1. Select Addition.
Maths Racer game playMaths Racer - Addition
VROOM! Solve the problem then race your car to the correct answer. Select the sums you want to work on.
Robot Addition game playRobot Addition
Drag and drop the robots with questions onto robot placeholders featuring the correct answers.

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