Money Year 5 & 6

Money Year 5 & 6

Money Year 5 & 6, KS2. Primary homework help with Maths. Learn how to calculate change, work out value for money, manage money and money calculations.

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Adding a list of prices

Working out how much a number of items cost together is useful, especially when you have a limit on how much you can spend.

Menu of a restaurantSak's Thai Restaurant
Welcome to Sak's Thai restaurant. Can you work out the bill for each table? Each answer must be to two decimal places.

Calculating change

Note pad and calculatorFinding Change
Use a calculator to work out the change for the question on the note pad.

Money Calculations

Money Calculations are done in the same well as normal number calculations except you have to remember to add the decimal points and pound signs in the right places.

Take away list with prices and the sumsMoney - two-step problems
Challenge yourself with money-related questions with two-step problems.

Value for money

It's really useful to be able to work out value for money when buying things.

Space trader - game playSpace trader
Practise spotting value for money as you trade with three outlandish alien shopkeepers for a range of space items.

Managing money

Learning how to manage your money is important so that you make sure you have enough to buy the essentials as well as the things you need with money left over for saving. The following games teach how to think about where you should spend your money.

Budget Game - gameplayThe Budget Game
Manage your money for three months. Get it right and your happiness will soar, but spend too much and you'll have a financial headache!
Shelves of shoppingBert's Shopping
Bert and Ada are retired and have to be careful with money as their State Pension doesn't stretch very far. Can you help Bert with his shopping?

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