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Subtraction Year 1

Subtraction Year 1

Subtraction Year 1. Worksheets on subtraction for kids learning primary school maths. Learn taking away number pairs to 10 and number pairs to 20. Maths homework help.


Year 1

Subtraction is taking away

Subtraction is taking away. Start with a number of marbles and take away some of them, how many have you got left? This is subtraction.

Taking away with marbles

Crossing out marbles
Cross out the marbles to find the answers to the questions.
Crossing out
Fill in the sums by crossing out the shapes.

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Number pairs to 10

Once you know your number pairs to 10 they can help you work out sums. If the sum starts with 10 marbles it can be easy to work out.

Remember, this only works if the sum starts with 10.

Subtracting number pairs to 10
Fill in the answers using the number pairs to 10.

Number pairs to 20

The same rule applies to number pairs to 20. If the sum starts with 20 it will be easy to work out in the same way as we did with the 10 number pairs.


Subtracting number pairs to 20
Try answering the questions subtracting using the number pairs to 20.

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