Measuring Year 3 & 4

Measuring Year 3 & 4

Measuring Year 3 & 4, KS2. Maths homework help for kids in Primary School with measuring lengths, weights and volume. Worksheets & games for kids.

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We measure millimetres with a ruler. We write how long something is by writing the number followed by mm (this is short for millimetres).

Remember that for every centimetre there are 10 millimetres.

1cm = 10mm

Measuring centimetrss =54mm

Measure objects around the house to the nearest millimetre and write down how long they are. What is the smallest and biggest object you can find?

Working out lengths
Work out these length problems using your division and multiplication knowledge. View answers

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Volume is the amount of space something takes up. We measure volume in either millilitres ml, centilitres cl, cubic centimetres cm³ or litres l.

Reading scales to measure volume
Read the scale on the side of the jug to measure volume. View answers
Capacity Countdown game playCapacity Countdown
Read the scale to work out the volume of liquid in the rocket.


Mass tells us how much 'stuff' there is in a object. We measure mass in either milligrams mg, grams g, kilograms kg or tonnes t.

Reading ScalesReading Scales
Read the weight on the scales and type in the correct reading.

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