Measuring Year 1

Measuring Year 1

Measuring Year 1, KS1. Maths homework help for kids in Primary School with estimating lengths, weights and volume. Worksheets & games for kids.

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Estimating lengths

You can estimate a length of an object or distance by comparing it with the length of something you know.

Use you handspan or your step to measure the length of something.

Find out how long your garden or bedroom is by measuring in steps. How many steps does it take to get to the end?

How long is a table or maybe your bed? Measure in handspans to find out.

What other things can you measure with steps or handspans?

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Length words

Height is measured upwards. It's how tall something stands.

Distance is measured between two places, from beginning to end.

Width is measured from side to side.

Depth is measured downwards. You would measure how deep a swimming pool is.

Measuring length with steps is not a good way of measure as everyone has different sized feet. So instead we use centimetres and metres to measure things.

Chef PierreEstimate and measure with Chef Pierre
Estimate and measure how many cinnamon rolls long Chef Pierre's trays are.

Dinosaur DiveDinosaur Dive
Pick dinosaurs to dive into the water to raise the water to different levels.

Poodle weigh inPoodle weigh in
Hacker has removed the numbers from all of the poddles of Poddleville! Can you use the scale to get things back to normal?

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