Times Tables Games

Learning the times tables tips:

  • Learn how to count first
  • Learn the sums in order
  • Learn the sums mixed up
  • Increase your speed 


hit-the-buttonHit the button
Hit the button that shows the right answer.
maths-fishingTimes tables fishing
Catch fish to answer questions.
times-tables-memory-gamesTimes Tables Memory Game
Match the question with the answer.
coconut-multiplesCoconut Multiples
Knock down the coconuts which are multiples.
flash-cardsTimes Tables Flash Cards
Answer the problem correctly before the timer runs out.
super-starsSuper Stars Game
Answer the questions to take the turtle on an adventure!
pop-the-bobblesPop the Bobbles
Pop the right number bobbles.
sketchs-worldSketch's World
Answer 10 more problems to get to play the next level with Sketch.
granny-prixGranny Prix
Get questions correct and you'll move ahead. Get questions wrong and you'll move backward.
grand-prixGrand Prix
Answer as many problems correctly as fast as you can so you come in first!
space-raceSpace Race
Answer problems the fastest to speed your space ship over the finish line!
times-tables-rallyTimes Tables Rally
Drive in various rallies and you will advance to the next level if you get good results.
flying-high-raceFlying High Race
Get questions correct and you'll move ahead. Get questions wrong and you'll move backward.
times-tables-shootingTimes Tables Shooting Game
Shoot the answer then shoot three balloons which you can pop.
beatbox-tablesBeatbox tables
Make your own song with a times table.
penguin-jumpPenguin Jump
Jump your pet penguin from iceberg to iceberg to the correct answers.
times-tables-gridTimes tables grid
Find the answer on the grid.
math-speedway-challengeMaths Speedway Challenge
Race against your friends or others from around the world.
pizza-pizzazzPizza Pizzazz
Serve the pizzas to the correct tables.
happy-burgerHappy Burger
Serve the customers the right food.
Even MORE games!
Loads more times tables games.
car-washCar Wash Multiplication
Cars will enter the car wash. To wash them, choose the correct answer.
math-modelsMaths Models
Answer 7 questions to unlock new styles.
the-table-treesThe Table Trees
Type the missing number.

road-rallyRoad Rally
The fsster you answer the faster your car goes.

beach-rushBeach Rush
Answer to get Mr. Zupple along teh beach.
super-math-adventureSuper Maths Adventure
Move the cow under the falling alien, click on the correct answer to fire the laser.
fairy-fun-landFairy Fun Land
Decorate your own fairy fun land.

stunattackStun attack
Hit the frog with the correct answer to the problem shown. Hurry or they will hide again!

reindeer-cafeReindeer Cafe
Click on the cookies with the correct answers.

camel_times_tablesCamel Times Tables
Test your Times Tables. 
diaper-derbyDiaper Derby
The faster you answer each problem, the faster your baby will scoot!
jungle-jim-plays-the-drumsJungle Jim plays the drums
Beat the drums by clicking on the answer to the multiplication problem.

spug-balloonsSpug Balloons
Pop the balloon with the correct answer
winston-detective-agencyWinston Detective Agency
Tyler Turtle is missing his shell and needs your help to find it.
times-tables-catTimes Tables Cat
The goal is to collect the items of the cat which she lost.
bird-havenBird Haven
Put the sums together in the bird haven.

pixie-catcherPixie Catcher
Your job is to carefully catch the pixies and place them in a jar.
tug-teamTug Team
Hop on a tractor and play tug-of-war!
cargo-securityCargo Security
Fill the ship with the correct cargo.

pattys-paintsPattys Paints
Answer questions and paint the car.
funforthebrainFun 4 the brain
Even MORE games!
And more fun here.

Times tables games to play

Times Table Catch
Count the times tables while throwing a ball to each other. If you forget what comes next or drop the ball, start again!

Use the websites below to practice your times tables. Most games let you select the number you want to practice.