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Angles Year 5

Angles for kids

Angles Year 5

Angles Year 5 Maths, KS2. Homework help with estimating angles. Find out about measuring angles and drawing angles using an online protractor. For Key Stage 2, Year 5 children.

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Estimating angles

Use a piece a corner of a piece of paper to see if an angle is more or less than 90°. Fold it in half to see estimate 45° angles.

Measuring angles with a protractor

We measure angles using a protractor. Learn how to measure angles by watching the video below. Then have a go by printing off the worksheet.

Angle EstimatesAngle Estimates
Practice using this online protractor to measure angles.
Measuring angles with a protractor
Have a go at measuring these angles with a protractor.

Drawing angles using a protractor

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Angles on a straight line

Angles on a straight line will always add up to 180°.

  Angles on a straight line

Perpendicular Lines

Perpendicular anglesPerpendicular lines always meet at 90°

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