Money Year 3 & 4

Money Year 3 & 4

Money Year 3 & 4, KS2. Primary homework help with Maths. Learn pounds, pence, types of coins and giving change.

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Giving change

Toy Shop Money game playToy Shop Money
Give the correct change using a mixture of coins. Select Mixed coins > Give change.
Envelope with stampsStamp Sticking
Drag the stamps onto the envelopes to make the exact postage as shown at the top left of each envelope.
A checkout with coinsPay for it
You are the shop keeper. You have to scan the items, the customer will pay you some money and you have to give them some change.
Shop shelves with toys and pricesWhite Elephant - Change
Practice giving the correct change for amounts up to £20 from £5, £10 and £20 notes. Scroll down to select Change White Elephant.
Change game - game playChange game
Spot the right amount as it pops up behind different doors, then click on it before it disappears again.

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