Numbers Reception

Numbers for kids

Numbers for kids in Reception EYFS. Maths homework help with counting, writing numbers and ordering.

Pick a level

Count to 20

Counting everyday will help your child quickly pick up the order of numbers. Familiarise them with what they look like when you are out and about. Point out house numbers on doors, or the numbers on the shelf of the supermarket.

Recognise numbers 1-9

Number Flash Cards to 50
Use the flash cards to help your child recognise numbers from 1-9.

TipPrint the flashcards out on some plain white record cards (152 x 101mm). Then cut them in half to make individual flashcards. You can purchase the cards from any good stationary shop or online.

Matching objects with numerals

Using the number flashcards layout a number of objects and ask the child to point the the correct flashcard with the right number on it.

Counting reliably up to 10 objects

To count reliably up to 10 just takes practice. They can help in everyday situations to count such as laying the table, counting socks, toys, pencils etc. Touching each object helps them understand that we are counting one object at a time.

Counting trays

Counting trays can be used to show your child how to count the appropriate number into each container. Use an egg carton, or collection of yogurt pots. Write numbers on the bottom of the containers or on bits of paper.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a wonderful game to help with counting. You can buy games in any good toy shop or online.

Snakes & LaddersSnakes & Ladders
Play this game by your own or with a friend, can you reach the top?

Free online Maths games

Count on from a given number

Once your child can count confidently to 20 try asking them to count from a given number. This will help later when learning addition.

Writing numbers

Learn to write all the numbers 0-9 correctly by printing off our worksheets.

Try drawing large numbers in the air or on large pieces of paper, with paint or chalk outside.

Counting backwards

Practice counting backwards with your child with objects. Count upwards adding one each time and then start removing them counting backwards. Start with a small amount add more when your child is ready.

Ordering numbers 1-10

Play a simple game with the number flashcards. Use numbers that your child is familiar with and ask them to rearrange them in order. Once they are confident with ordering a few numbers you can add more. Leave some numbers out and ask them to order what is left.

Counting CaterpillarCounting Caterpillar
This game you can choose what range of numbers you want to order.

Simple pattern sequences

Hands on

Sequences start with simple patterns. Talk to your child about simple patterns, create them with your child using objects around the house.

Sequences - Patterns
Work out what picture comes next.

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