Measuring Year 2

Measuring Year 2

Measuring Year 2, KS1. Maths homework help for kids in Primary School with comparing lengths, weights and volume. Worksheets & games for kids.

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We measure centimetres with a ruler. We write how long something is by writing the number followed by cm (this is short for centimetres).

Measuring centimetres =7cm

Measure objects around the house to the nearest centimetre and write down how long they are. What is the smallest and biggest object you can find?

Try estimating the length of something and guess to see if you are right.

Measuring a pencilMeasuring in Centimetres
Measuring the objects with the ruler. Select level 2.

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Measuring equipment

There are many different types of equipment to measure with.

A ruler is used to measure small things.

A tape measure is used to measure longer things. You can also get a fabric tape measure to measure things that are not straight like the size of your head.

A trundle wheel is used for long things such as playgrounds. You push the wheel along and it clicks everytime it measures a metre.

Coconuts on stallCoconut Ordering
Throw the balls at the coconuts in order of size. Choose between Length, Mass or Capacity.

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