Numbers Year 1

Numbers for kids
Year 1

Numbers for kids in Year 1 KS1. Maths homework help with counting, ondering, partitioning, odd & even numbers.

Pick a level


Count to 100

Hands onPoint out house numbers on doors, when out and about or the numbers on the shelf of the supermarket and test your child to see if they know their numbers.

100 Number Square
Print out our 100 number square to learn numbers to 100.

Counting on and back

Hands onA game that can be played anywhere. Say a number and see if your child can say what number comes next.

Once your child has mastered this try seeing if they can say the number before.

This game can be played counting in ones, tens, fives....etc.

Order numbers 0-20

Play a simple game with the number flashcards. Use numbers that your child is familiar with and ask them to rearrange them in order. Once they are confident with ordering a few numbers you can add more. Leave some numbers out and ask them to order what is left.

Ordinal numbers

Hands onPlay a game with cars pushing them along the floor and awarding them places (1st, 2nd, 3rd) to the cars that have gone the furthest.

Odd and even numbers

Free online Maths games

Partitioning - two digit numbers

Partitioning is when you spilt a number into tens & units.

29 can be split into


20 + 9 = 29

Simple Patterns

Try seeing if you know what will come next. Patterns can include numbers or letters colours and shapes.

Simple Sequences
Work out what comes next.

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