Angles Year 3 & 4

Angles Year 3 & 4

Angles Year 3 & 4 KS2 Maths. Learn about the types of angles, right, acute, obtuse and reflex angles. How to estimate angles wth games & worksheets.

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Right Angles

Right angles are equal to a quarter of a turn or 90°.

Turns and angles

Looking at angles

Angles can be more than or less than a right angle.

More than, less than a right angle

Find the angles
Find the angles in these pictures. Are they more than or less than a right angle?

Types of angles

There are four types of angles. Right angles we already know about. Acute angles are less than a right angle. Obtuse angles are more than a right angle. However, if they are more than a straight line they are reflex angles.

       Types of angles

Still having problems working out what an angle is? Use this chart to help you work it out.

Which angle

Identify the angles
Work out if these angles are right angles, acute, obtuse or reflex angles.

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Estimating angles

If you want to know how big an angle is you can estimate the angle. To do this, use your knowledge of angles that you do know.

Estimating Angles

Question: Estimate the angle below.

Estimating Angles Example

Alien AnglesAlien Angles
Your job is to set the angle on the rescue launcher. Can you estimate the angles within 5 degrees?.
Angles around us
Take a look around you. Do you notice all the angles?

Big and small angles

Table Angles

Remember that angles stay the same size if the image is big or small. It doesn't make a difference to the angle.

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