Year 3

Measuring KS2, Year 3 Maths. Measuring explained through worksheets, websites, and games for pre-school and primary school children learning Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2. Subjects include Measuring lengths, weight, capacity and converting measures. For Key Stage 2, Year 3 children.


We measure millimetres with a ruler. We write how long something is by writing the number followed by mm (this is short for millimetres).

Remember that for every centimetre there are 10 millimetres.

1cm = 10mm

Measuring centimetrss =54mm

Measure objects around the house to the nearest millimetre and write down how long they are. What is the smallest and biggest object you can find?

Working out lengths
Work out these length problems using your division and multiplication knowlege.

Send the parcelBalance Scales
Measure weigh parcels so you can give them a stamp with the correct postage rate.
Balance ScalesBalance Scales

Work out how much various objects weigh.

Reading ScalesReading Scales

Read the weight on the scales and type in the correct reading.