Year 2

Money KS1, Year 2 Maths. Money explained through worksheets, websites, and games. Homework help with rounding coins, adding money and giving change for Key Stage 1, Year 2 children.

Use £ sign

Adding coins to £1

Number JumblerWin the MoneyAdd the coins and select the right answer.

Select Win the Money when you start the game.

Play ShopPlay Shop
Select the right amount of money to pay for the items. Can you get to level 3?>

Rounding coins to nearest 10p

Number JumblerRounding to the nearest 10p
Add the coins and select the right answer. Then round the answer to the nearest 10p.
Select Rounding to the nearest 10p when you start the game.

Adding coins over £1

Igloo ShoppingIgloo Shopping
Pay for items using coins.
Select Hard to add coins up to £1.
Select Really Hard to add coins higher than £1.
Money BoxMoney Box
Add the total of coins and pick the box with the most money. Select Level 2 & 3.
Shopping ListShopping List
Work out how much you need to buy the items on your shopping list.
Select Level 2 & 3.
Hide and Seek CoinsHide and Seek Coins
Count the coins hiding in the picture. Select Level 2 & 3.

Giving change

Change exchangerChange exchanger
The customer will pay you with one coin and you have to click the right coins to give change.
Easy level goes up to 10p, medium to 20p and hard to 50p.