Year 3

Money KS2, Year 3 Maths. Money explained through worksheets, websites, and games. Homework help with money word problems adding & subtracting money and giving change for Key Stage 2, Year 3 children.

Matching written forms of money

Adding money game

Put a variety of coins in a paper bag or clean sock. Without looking you have to count the amount of money in the bag just by feeling it. Write the total down. The person with the nearest amount is the winner.

Word problems

Money QuizMoney Quiz
Select Level A to test your knowledge on Money word problems.

Giving change

Change exchangerChange exchanger
The customer will pay you with one coin and you have to click the right coins to give change from £1.
Change gameChange Game
Calculate the correct change.
Select Level One or Two.

Subtracting Money

Subtracting MoneySubtracting Money
Subtract money from money.