Early Years

Shapes for Early Years Maths, Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Primary School. Homework help with step by step guides on everything you need to know.

Shape sorters are a great way of talking about different shapes. Sit with your child and talk to them while they play. “The square goes into the square hole..”

Create shapes out of card and let your child draw around the shapes to create lovely drawings. Writing the name of the shape on the shape itself will help your child recognise the words.

Make your own Shape Puzzle

This simple play tray is easy to make and teaches your child the different shapes.

You need: Two pieces of thick card (same size), scissors or knife, glue, colour pens or paints.

  1. Cut some simple shapes out of one of the pieces of card being careful not to damage the shapes as these will be the puzzle pieces.
  2. Stick the other piece of card to the back of the first.
  3. Colour the puzzle pieces in different colours.

Top TipThis puzzle doesn’t just teach your child shapes but colouring the shapes in different colours it teaches colours too! Ask your child to find the square or the yellow shape.

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