Year 3

Time KS2, Year 3 Maths. Time explained through worksheets, websites and games. Homework help with calculating the time for Key Stage 2, Year 3 children.

How many minutes?

There are 15mins in quarter of an hour. 30mins in half an hour. 45mins in three quarters of an hour.

Interactive ClockLearning Clock
This great website has a clock which you can move the hands and learn the to read the correct time. A great learning aid for tricky homework.
Use your knowledge of analogue and digital time to release the Mission 2110 bio-rods!

Enter correct times
Draw the hands, write the time in words or in digital format to complete the questions.

Calculating the length of an activity

Time TablesTimetables
Locate information on a bus timetable.
Select Level 1.
Find the how long the journey takes in multiples of 5 minutes. Select Level 2.