Grammar Year 1 & 2

Grammar Year 1 & 2

Grammar Year 1 & 2 KS1. Support for learning grammar in Year 1 & 2. Primary homework help with grammar rules at Primary School Key Stage 1.

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A verb is an action word.

The boy smiled when he blew a bubble.

What are verbs video

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A noun is an animal, person, place or thing.

I put Jake's cup in the cupboard with the plate when we got back from the seaside.

Boy with football and dogNaming nouns
Find the nouns. Click on the nouns in the picture. Can you find them all?


An adjective is a word that gives more information about a noun.

The big, black cat watched the fast mouse run across the smooth floor.


An adverb is a word that tells you how, when where and how often something happens

Afterwards, the boy slowly climbed into the bush and patiently waited for the very tall horse to pass.

Joining words

Linking words (or joining words) are used to connect your sentence to another sentence to make it longer.

Jack was a small boy who liked playing with his dinosaurs.

Balloon joining words
Write the correct joining words in these sentences.

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