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Year 1

Punctuation marks

Punctuation marks

Punctuation marks for Year 1 KS1 . Punctuation worksheets and games for kids by Super Brainy Beans. Primary homework help with punctuation exercises.


Year 1



Full stops

Full stops are used to end a sentence.

I went swimming today.


Full stopsFull stops
Read the sentence. Click and drag a snail to where the full stop should be.



Capital Letters

Sentences always start with a capital letter.

Today is my birthday.

Capital letter also comes at the beginning of a name of a place, person or date.

Dave moved to London City in January

Always use a capital letter when writing I in a sentence.

James always laughs when I pull a silly face.


Alien PunctuationAlien Punctuation
Blast the correct punctuation in the right places. Choose Medium.
Capital LettersCapital Letters
Spot where the capital letters should go.




Question mark

Question marks are used at the end of a question.

Did your football match go well today?



Exclamation mark

Use the exclamation mark to show emphasis or surprise.

Stop! The car is coming.

NOTE: Don't use more than one exclamation mark.

Pengiuns on icePenguins on ice
Select the correct ending to the sentences. Select Which mark?