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Spelling Year 2

Spelling Year 2

Spelling Year 2 KS1. Support on spelling for kids with Super Brainy Beans. Primary homework help with worksheet downloads and online games.

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If you find the spellings difficult in your year then try starting with spellings from the year below. It's ok to work lower than the year you are on and fill the gaps rather than struggling at your level without understanding the basics.

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Download and print out our spelling worksheets for Year 2. 450 words especially selected for kids in Year 2, KS1.

  • Uses the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method.
  • Covers all the essential words to learn in Year 2.
  • Print at home.

Download Year 2 Spelling Worksheets

Learning spellings

The best way to remember your spellings is the look, say, cover, write, check method. Regually practicing this way will improve your spellings.
Look Say Cover Write Check Spellings


Practice your spellings for four days then get someone to test you on the fifth day without looking at the words first.

Download our spelling sheets for lists of words to practice spelling.

Blank spelling sheet
Fill in your own words that you get wrong regularly with our blank spelling sheet.

Spelling Test book note pad
Print off the sheets to make the notepads for the Spelling Test book

Spell all 200 common words

Throughout Year 2 children are expected to learn how to spell the first 200 words which are commonly used in reading and writing.

Top TipSome of these do not follow the normal phonic rules and are known as 'tricky' words. Here there is no trick to learning to spell these words they just have to know.

First 200 Words
Spelling sheets for the top 200 words.
First 200 Words Check List
Print off this checklist of the first 200 words your child should learn to spell.

Vowels & Consonants

There are five vowels in the alphabet.

a e i o u

All the rest of the letters of the alphabet are called consonants.

b c d f g h j k l m n p q s t v w x y z

Slient letters w

Silent w comes before r.

write wrong wrist wriggle

Words with silent letters spelling sheet
10 words to learn with slient 'w'
Football gameFootball shootout game
Answer questions correctly on the slient w then take a shot at the goal.

Slient letters k & g

Some words have silent letters. Words with silent k or g always have n flowing the silent letter.

know knock gnomes gnat

Words with silent letters spelling sheet
10 words to learn with slient 'k' and 'g'
Walk the plank gameWalk the plank game
Answer 10 questions on the slient k. Guess the right work to get the pirate to walk the plank.

Words with j sound

Words with the j sound are spelt by added ge or dge.

bridge badge huge age

Words with j sound spelling sheet
10 words to learn with the j sound.
Spell Zone gamesSpellzone games
Play games with words that end in dge.

Words ending with y

Words ending with y can make the sound igh.

fly shy terrify

Words ending with y spelling sheet
10 words to learn ending with y

Plurals - words ending with y

If a word ends in y there are two ways to spell it as a plural.

If the letter before the y is a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), just add s.

monkey > monkeys
holiday > holidays

If the letter before the y is a consonant (any other letter), change the y into ies.

fly + i + es = flies
baby + i + es = babies

Change the y into i and add es.

Plural words ending with ies spelling sheet
10 plural words to learn ending with ies

Spelling Shop

Search for Spellings Year 2

Adding ed er & est to words ending y

If the word ends with y, change the y into i and add the ending.

reply + i + ed = replied
funny + i + er = funnier
dry + i + est = driest

Adding ed er or est spelling sheet
10 words adding ed er or est.

Adding ing to words ending y

If the word ends with y just add ing.

cry > crying
stay > staying

Adding ing spelling sheet
10 words adding <stronging to words ending with y.

Adding ing ed er est & y

If the word ends with a vowel + consonant then repeat the last letter then adding ing, ed, er, est or y.

trip + p + ing = tripping
hop + p + ed = hopping
pat + t + er = patter
sad + d + est = saddest
fun + n + y = funny

Adding ing, ed, er, est or y spelling sheet
10 words adding ing, ed, er, est or y to words ending with vowel + consonant ending.

Words with ey

These words have the ee sound, spelt ey.

key donkey turkey

Words with ee sound spelling sheet
10 words with ee sound spelt ey.

Spelling Games

Little Bird Spelling game playLittle bird Spelling
Spell out the 'Tricky Words' in this little bird spelling game
Spooky Spelling game playSpooky Spelling
Spell out the 'Tricky Words' in this spooky spelling game
Karate cats game playKarate Cats
Head to the dojo to train with the very best Karate Cats and rank up to become an expert in these important English SATs topics!
Pirate Spelling game playPirate Spelling
Can you help Pirate Jack find the treasure on the island? Explore the island, follow the instructions carefully and complete the eight challenges.
Fish em up game playFish em up
Fish for some words, remember you can only catch the word with the fish pole that has the right word on it.
Snowball Smash game playSnowball Smash
Spell the words correctly then have a go at throwing the snowball.Choose the level and type of spellings you want to practice

Suffixes ment ness & ful

Suffixes are groups of letters that can be added to a root word. Suffixes change the meaning of a word to make a new word.

enjoyment kindness playful

Words with ment, ness or ful spelling sheet
10 words with the ment, ness or full suffix.

Suffixes less & ly

If the word end with y, change the y into i and add less or ly.

fearless hopeless
happy + i + ly = happily

Words with less or ly spelling sheet
10 words with the less or ly suffix.

Suffixes tion

action direction

Words with tion spelling sheet
10 words with the tion suffix.

Contractions 't

A contraction is when a word is made shorter by removing one or more letters. The letter is replaced with an apostrophe '.
can not > can't
did not > didn't
would not > wouldn't

Words ending with 't spelling sheet
10 words ending with the 't contraction.


Homophones are words that sound the same but mean different things. It's important which spelling you should use.

new / knew
right / write
one / won

Homophone words spelling sheet
20 words homophones with that sound the same but have different spellings.
BBC Bitesize HomophonesHomophones
Watch a video on homophones then take the quiz to test your knowlege.

Here are some common homophones.

Your coat is over there. (a place)
Their coat is by the door. (belonging to someone)
They're playing outside. (short for 'they are')

BBC Bitesize There TheirHow to use their, they’re and there
Watch a video on their, they’re and there then take the quiz to test your knowlege.

Where are you going? (a place)
Were you at school today? (past tense of are)
We're going to the cinema. (short for 'we are')
I am going to wear my boots. (meaning to be dressed in something)

Your cat is outside. (belonging to someone)
You're my best friend. (short for 'you are')

I'm off to the seaside today. (to show direction)
I'm going too.(also)
That is too much ice cream! (more of something)
My brother is two today. (the number)

BBC Bitesize to too twoHow to use to, too and two
Watch a video on to, too and two then take the quiz to test your knowlege.

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