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Year 3

Spelling games for kids

Spelling games

Spelling games for Year 3 KS2 at primary school. Support on reading for kids with Super Brainy Beans. Primary homework help.


Year 3

Advanced spelling

Word balloonWord Balloon
A fun take on the classic hangman game! Try to guess Lennox's letters. For every guess you get wrong, one of his balloons will pop. Accidentally pop all 11 balloons, and you're out!


Homophones are words that sound the same but mean different things and have different spellings.

there, their, they're

there - meaning a placeYour coat is over there.
their - meaning belonging to someoneTheir coat is by the door.
they're - short for they are.They're playing outside.

where, were, we're, wear

where - meaning a place.Where are you going?
were - meaning past tense of areWere you at school today?
we're - short for we are.We're going to the cinema.
wear - meaning to be dressed in something.I'm am going to wear my boots.

your, you 're

your - meaning belonging to someone.Your cat is outside.
you're - short for you are.You're my best friend.

to, too, two

to - meaning to show direction.I'm off to the seaside today.
too - meaning also or more of something.I'm going to the seaside too.
That is too much ice cream!
two - meaning the numberMy bother is two today.
Common Homophones poster
A set of 4 simple posters to show children when to use the different spellings of homophones.

Select the correct spelling of adding 'ed' to root words.
Adding edAdding ed
Select the correct spelling of adding 'ed' to root words.

Learning spellings