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Year 4

Spelling games for kids

Spelling games

Spelling games for Year 4 KS2 at primary school. Support on reading for kids with Super Brainy Beans. Primary homework help.

Year 4

Words ending with 'ic', 'ary', 'al'

For example:


Adding 'ic', 'ary', 'al' spelling checklist
Have a go at spelling these words that end with 'ic', 'ary', or 'al'.

Learning spellings

Spelling Test book note pad
Print off the sheets to make the notepads for the Spelling Test book

Suffixes - adding 'ness', 'ment', 'ship'

Suffixes are letters you can add to a root word to make another word.

kind + ness = kindness
move + ment = movement
friend + ship = friendship

Adding 'ness', 'ment', 'ship' spelling checklist
Have a go at spelling these common words that end with 'ness', 'ment', or 'ship'.

Advanced spelling

My Word
Use the keyboard to create words based of the cubes in the front row. The key to the game is to think ahead and for maximum points.
Big Babies' Private Popper.

Suffixes - adding 'tion', 'sion', 'cian'

Words that end in 'shun' are spelt in three different ways. Here are the rules.


Words that end with t or te, remove these letters and add tion.

invent = invention
translate = translation


Words that end with d, de or se, add sion.

expand = expandsion
collide = collision
confuse = confusion

Words that end with ss or mit, add ssion.

confess = confession
permit = permission


Words that end with c or cs, add cian.

magic = magician
politics = politician

Spelling sheet - words ending with 'tion', 'sion', 'cian'
Practice spelling words with these endings.