Handwriting Year 5 & 6

Handwriting worksheets
Year 5 & 6

Handwriting worksheets for Year 5 & 6 learning cursive writing in Primary School. Homework help with handwriting in KS2. Learn how to create neat handwriting and improve your speed.

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Improving your handwriting

At this stage having neat handwriting is really important. With SATS this year examiners are not going to spend time working out what you have written, instead, you are more likely to get a wrong answer even if your answer is correct. Check your handwriting with our checklist on the Year 3 & 4 page and see how you can improve your writing.

Improving your speed

It's sometimes hard to keep up in Year 6 if your handwriting is slow. Here are some tips to help you keep up.

PEN - Using the right pen is important. A ballpoint pen or biro will slow you down as the ink doesn't flow very quickly and it tends to make you press harder on the paper.

A gel pen is ok and better than a biro but the best pen to use is the Berol Handwriting pens as the ink flows faster without much pressure on the paper.

GRIP - Check how tightly you are holding your pen. This can slow you down and create messy writing. Try relaxing the pen in your hand and not press so hard on the paper. Again the right pen will help you with this. See above.

SIZE - If your handwriting is too big then you are putting a lot of time and effort into moving your pen up and down. Try making your handwriting smaller. Use our ruled guided paper to help.

ARMS & FINGERS - When you are writing your fingers should be creating the up and down movements of the letters. Your arm should be used to move along the line. This will give you a nice straight line of writing and save time instead of your fingers doing all the work.

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